Student Projects

Here you find selected students projects:


Elena, Deispaced Reality – Elena is an atmospheric first person exploration virtual reality adventure game. (Kasimir Blust, Kathrin Radtke , Timo Müssig, Michael Dmoch, Hauke Thießen, Eva Kaldenbach, Ploy Mehr, Bozhena Chudik, Eva Mattausch, Clemens Sandner) Commercially available on Steam


Sheep Attack – In this tower defense, harvesting browser game you have to protect a flock of sheep.   (Alejandro Gomez, Kathrin Radtke, Ahmet Gül, Ondrej Homola, Franjo Opačak, Julian Stoll)


HelGA (Hochschule Elektronischer Gaming Automat)- HelGA is a continuous student project. The idea is the reinterpretation of Old School arcade games with a special focus on mobile games.  More on Facebook


Save the Kittens – Is a mobile browser, puzzle game. (Moritz Pokal, Immanuel Haag, Marlis Fleischmann, Pascal Weik, Lasse Schölkopf, Malte Lohrer)

Save the Kittens



Professor Haptic – A Tangible VR Experience Theory, Development, and Evaluation of a VR haptic Experience Team: Tillman Staffen & Moriz Glaser

Digital Forest – A Interdisciplinary collaboration with Film Akademie Ludwigsburg Team: Pauline Reinhardt (Production Design), Katja Haße (Entertainment Engineering), Benni Graf (Sound Design) Jana Schell (Concept Design) and Sabrina Proske (Production). Camera of the video by Maximilian Schmierer, Lighting by Evangelos Anthimos

Transmedia Learning Experience – Evaluation der User Experience einer linearen/nichtlinearen transmedialen Lernumgebung. – Mathias Feil EMM (Elektronische Medien M.A.)

The Remediation of Nosferatu – An interaktive augmented reality horror adventure. – Benjamin Schaufler EMM (Elektronische Medien M.A.)

Parallax Scrolling Storytelling- Michael Stachurski EMM (Elektronische Medien M.A.)

Gamification in the Workspace – Linda Mansberger CSM (Computer Science Media)

Experience Design & InfoVis a Case Study – Nick Mussin CSM (Computer Science Media)

Master Innovation Projects: 

The Interactive Hammock (Nick Mussin, Lukas Hierholzer, Kevin Dierks, Willi Kampe, Manuel Moser, Karlo BartaLukas Steimle)

Interactive Learning Experience

Dis:locate  (Lukas Hierholzer) -in collaboration with the Film Akademie Ludwigsburg

Sprout the Word  (Kevin Dierks)- in collaboration with the Film Akademie Ludwigsburg

Digital Forest (Katja Haße) – in collaboration with the Film Akademie Ludwigsburg

Bachelor Thesis: 

Gamification in the Workplace  unsing the Occulus Rift + Leap Motion – Chen Hen Mail (Medien Informatik Bachelor)

Sports App- A Mobile Persuasive Design Case Study- Jens Wallner (Mobile Media Bachelor)

Loftico- Eine mobile User Experience – Alexander Scholz MIB (Medien Informatik Bachelor)

RADII – A location based App Design – Heiko Storz (Mobile Media Bachelor)

Gamification of an Online Shop Susanne Bauer –MIB (Medien Informatik Bachelor)

Bachelor Projects: 

HelGA- Electronic Gaming Automate – Creating Input & Output Gaming Concepts for Exhibition spaces.

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart: Transmedia Interaction Concept for a Library

Fisch Flodder – A mobile Unity Game Prototype

Sheep Attach- A Construct 2 Gaming Prototype

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