Selected Publications


Chi 2021 – ExplAIn Yourself!


IUI 2021Increasing the User Experience in Autonomous Driving through different Feedback Modalities

Deutscher Kulturrat  2020 – Handbuch Gameskultur including a Game Design Workshop Toolkit
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart 2018 – About the Impossible and the Invisible.

OZCHI 2018 –Exploring the influence of non-diegetic and diegetic elements on the immersion of 2D games

OZCHI 2017 –The interpretative role of an experiencer

Springer-Verlag, 2016 – Transmedia Perspectives

DIGRA 2015 – Get Milk a Game of Lenses Abstract

Mensch und Computer 2015- Proceedings- The Roaring Hammock

Dis2014 –  “The Remediation of Nosferatu – Exploring Transmedia Experiences

Springer – Ubiquitous Computing, 2008: “Interactive movie elements in a pervasive game

SIGGRAPH 2007: “Time Warp: an explorative outdoor mixed reality game

CHI 2007: “Exploring augmented live video streams for remote participation

CHI 2007 : “Mobile Phones, Sub-Culture and Presence

CIE Entertainment 2007: “A report on the crossmedia game epidemic menace” 

CHI 2006: “Combining multiple gaming interfaces in epidemic menace

Mensch & Computer 2006: “Crossmediales Spielen in „Epidemic Menace “

Pervasive 2005: “Designing crossmedia games

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